An Ode to Fun in Therapy

I sit and think of all the cheer, I want for those who enter this space.
I want laughter, fun and storms of disgrace as they displace their fears and relate.
I can’t help but natter about all the chatter that truly describes our ways.
Creative? You got it! Fun, you want it. Come right into our inspirational space.

I harken back to time and place without the noise the cheer and the woo
A dark time of paper and structure and sadness stained on a child’s face or two.
For the speeches and OT’s didn’t care about joy and thought it was all about work.
They cared not for laughter or the children’s hereafter, and tried to dampen their quirks.

But don’t dare dismay, you shan’t away without the knowledge and truth of our game
For reaching our goals is better because we do it with style and grace
And by style and grace I mean silliness, fun and banter and burps and farts.
And lets not forget, we like to foray into the thrill of performing arts.

If you come you will see we only do glee, we dance to the beat of our drum
So come dance along, or paint, or mime, or play or sing or hum.
We want you to learn the best way you can and we want you to do your best.
And we know that for kids, its got to be skids into inspiring creative behest.

By Danni Elms

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