Speech Therapy

Our Passion

Our passion is for Speech Therapy to be the highlight of your week! We focus on our clients strengths and interests, building a strong foundation for amazing results. 


Our Clients

First and foremost our clients are AMAZING, TALENTED AND UNIQUE individuals!! We admire them so much and feel honoured to support those with: 
- Autism
- Developmental delay
- Downs Syndrome
- ADHD and ODD
- Sensory Processing Disorder
- Dyspraxia
- Hearing and Vision loss
- Challenging behaviours
- Anxiety and Depression
- Speech and language delays
 -Cerebral Palsy

Our Focus

Our Speech Therapists work across home, clinic, school and preschool settings to support our clients with:

Expressive and Receptive Language
Alternative Communication Strategies (PECS, Sign, Visuals)
Behavioural Strategies
Emotional Regulation
Social Skill Development
Literacy and Language Skills
 (understanding concepts, following instructions, learning descriptions)

Our Approach 

Our approach is creative!! As well as being experienced paediatric Speech Therapists, each of our therapists has an extra set of talents (martial arts, drama, singing, ukulele, piano and more) and incorporates these creative tools into therapy with the purpose of making the session even more fun and motivating for our clients.

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