About Us


"Inspiring ability through creativity"

Inspire Ability was founded in 2016 by passionate and talented singer, musician and Paediatric Occupational Therapist, 
Jasmine Allanson. Since then, Inspire Ability has grown into a close-knit team of several uniquely skilled Therapists and Admin staff. We have clinics located in Warners Bay and Rathmines and our team also loves to support families by providing off-site visits at home or school.

At Inspire Ability we believe in the power of creativity as a tool for enabling change and development, to allow individuals to be the best version of themselves. We incorporate a range of creative tools into therapy including piano, singing, visual arts, drama, martial arts, drumming and ukulele. For example, the piano
 is a fantastic tool for working on fine motor skills, language (through singing), emotional regulation and self confidence.

Our goals are completely defined by the client and their family - our goals are YOUR goals. We work on everything from handwriting to showering, social skills to toileting, balance to communication.

Our therapists LOVE taking a creative approach to these goals and working with families to achieve them in a way that is fun and motivating for the child. We want children to have access to learning and growing their creative and life skills.
The idea for creative therapy began for Jasmine, while working with incredible young clients who were being turned away from traditional dance, music or drama lessons because of their additional needs. Jasmine felt this was unacceptable and wanted to create a place where everyone was welcome and understood. 

As the team has grown, each of our therapists have brought more creative skills to the team as we aim to open more doors for people with additional needs to express their creativity and reach their goals.


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