Complaints and Feedback Policy

  1. Introduction

Inspire Ability values the feedback received from all clients, families and stakeholders of the business. Through the development of robust policy and procedure Inspire Ability intends to utilise all opportunities available to identify areas for improvement and to share positive client and stakeholder feedback and experiences.

  1. Purpose

The purpose of the Complaints and Feedback Policy and Procedure is to provide all clients, families, employees and stakeholders of Inspire Ability have the opportunity to make complaints and offer feedback to the organisation. The Complaints and Feedback Policy and Procedure includes clear guidelines on the complaint making process and how the organisation will investigate and resolve complaints.

  1. Scope

The Complaints and Feedback Policy includes all details for making complaints, the investigation and resolution process and the way the information will be shared and used by Inspire Ability to both correct and improve services. Complaints are accepted from all clients, families and carers and other stakeholders of the organisation.

This policy does not include the internal complaints process where an employee may have a grievance with the organisation. This policy can be found in the Employee Handbook (4.7 Personal Grievance Policy and Procedure).

  1. Definitions
    • Complaint

A statement made by a client, visitor or stakeholder of the organisation that something is unsatisfactory or unacceptable.

  • Complaint management

The process of managing the complaint when complaints are received to the organisation from an unsatisfied client.

  • Feedback

Information gathered from clients, visitors and stakeholders of the business that provides the organisation with information that may be used for growth and improvement.

  • NDIS Complaints Management and Resolution Rules 2018

A standard of how complaints will be managed and resolved by NDIS accredited service providers.

  • Privacy Act 1988

Australian law which regulates the way personal information about individuals is handled including the collection, use, storage and disclosure of that information.

  1. Policy Content

It is the policy of Inspire Ability to have a clear and transparent complaints process in place for clients, families, employees and other stakeholders of the organisation. It is the responsibility of the Managing Director and all staff to ensure that the policy is followed and all complaints are dealt with in a respectful and fair manner.

The Managing Director will be responsible for the investigation, resolution and documentation of all complaints received by the organisation.

Inspire Ability will ensure the following points are adhered to:

  • Information about how to make a complaint is readily available to all clients, families and stakeholders of the business. The Complaints and Feedback Policy is included in the new client welcome pack and on the Inspire Ability website. Brochures on how to make a complaint to the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission will also be available in the reception / waiting area.
  • All Inspire Ability employees will be trained in the complaint procedure through their initial induction into the organisation and in ongoing updates through staff meetings and professional development. Inspire Ability will ensure that complaints policy and procedure training is a regular part of staff meetings.
  • Any person wishing to make a complaint will be given the necessary information. All employees of the organisation will be able to provide the relevant information to the client on request (refer to Section 6 of this policy).
  • Complaints may be made verbally, in writing or any other way that suits the needs of the complainant. Inspire Ability will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the complaint making process is suited to the complaint and the person making the complaint. Where a complaint is made other than in writing, Inspire Ability employees taking the complaint will record the complaint immediately and ensure that the details are correct by checking them with the complainant.
  • Complaints may be made anonymously and will treated in the same way as any other complaint.
  • Any person wishing to make a complaint will be offered support and assistance to make the complaint. Inspire Ability will ensure that an external person is available to assist the client in making the complaint if the person prefers.
  • All people involved or impacted in any complaint will be kept informed as to the progress of the complaint investigation and the resolution process.
  • Inspire Ability will ensure that all people making a complaint are treated with fairness and respect. Information will be shared with them openly and no adverse action will be taken against any complainant.
  • All complaints will be acknowledged when they are made.
  • All complaints will be dealt with in a respectful and timely manner.
  • All information contained within a complaint will be kept confidential and will only be disclosed if required by law or other appropriate circumstances, such as if required to resolve the complaint.
  • Where a complainant wishes to escalate their complaint, Inspire Ability will provide support and assistance to the complainant.
  • Details for making a complaint to the NDIS Commissioner will be made available through the Inspire Ability Service Agreement, and ‘How to Make a Complaint’ brochure, on display at reception.
  • Inspire Ability will ensure that the Complaints and Feedback Policy and Procedure is reviewed and updated regularly and in accordance with the organisation’s Continuous Improvement Policy.
  • Inspire Ability will maintain all complaint records for a period of 7 years. Inspire Ability will ensure that all complaint details are collated, in order to demonstrate improvement and how the complaint data is used for the betterment of service delivery and the organisation as a whole. Where there is a repeated complaint issue, the organisation will investigate the best way to mitigate the complaint and resolve the issue.
  • Inspire Ability will provide complaint reports to the Commissioner on request.
  • Feedback/Compliments

It is policy of Inspire Ability to collect feedback from clients, families and stakeholders of the business. This feedback can be obtained either verbally, via survey forms or in a written testimonial.

A feedback survey will be sent to all clients at the end of the first and third terms via email, as well as hard copy being available throughout the clinic. The results from this feedback will be collated and discussed with relevant staff members during supervision throughout the following term.

All feedback and compliments will be recorded. Feedback will be collated and used as a tool for improvement and growth as well as a way to positively reinforce practices and services.

  1. Procedure

The following procedure will be followed when a complaint is made:

  • Listen to the client completely and do not interrupt them. Everyone needs to be heard.
  • Acknowledge the client concern by expressing your understanding of the problem. This helps the client understand that they have been heard correctly.
  • Apologise sincerely for the client’s dissatisfaction and let them know that you want to help them receive a favourable outcome.
  • Record the details of the complaint or provide the Complaint Form to the client to complete.
  • Provide the client with an NDIS Commission ‘How to Make a Complaint’ Brochure and any other information they may need to make a complaint.
  • The Managing Director will investigate the complaint and notify those involved or impacted of progress.
  • The Complaint is resolved and information is shared with the complainant and those involved or impacted by the complaint.
  • The complaint is recorded in the appropriate register and if appropriate, added to the agenda for the next staff meeting for discussion around further resolutions and improvements.
  • Where a complaint requires escalation or the complainant chooses to escalate the complaint to the NDIS Commission, Inspire Ability will ensure that all relevant details are provided to the complainant and any other relevant stakeholders.
  1. Making a Complaint to the NDIS Commissioner
    • A person may make a complaint to the Commissioner in relation to an issue arising out of, or in connection with, the provision of supports or services provided by an NDIS provider.
    • A complaint:
      • may be made orally, in writing or by any other means which is appropriate in the circumstances; and
      • may be made anonymously.
    • The complainant may ask the Commissioner to keep any of the following information confidential:
      • the identity of the complainant;
      • the identity of a person identified in the complaint;
      • any other details included in the complaint.
    • The Commissioner must take reasonable steps to ensure that:
      • appropriate support and assistance is provided to any person who wishes to make a complaint; and
      • a person making a complaint, and persons with disability affected by a complaint, are provided with information about accessing an independent advocate.
  1. Policy Review Statement

This policy will be reviewed every 12 months as a part of the ongoing review and continuous improvement of all of the organisations policies and procedures. In the case where changes to legislation and regulations that may impact this policy, a review will be carried out within 30 days of the change to legislation, regulation or other legislative requirements.


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