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Danni Elms

Speech Therapist
“The performing arts are a great way to build confidence, language skills, attention and social skills in children and adults. I love incorporating drama, singing and dancing into my therapy. Not only do my clients reach their communication goals, but they learn lifelong skills in how to express themselves creatively.”

Qualifications and Experience
Danni graduated from the University of Newcastle with a Bachelor of Speech Pathology (Honours). Danni has worked with children and adults helping them to develop a range of communication and social skills. She has experience working in a range of settings including schools and preschools, seeing children in their homes, in rehab and hospital contexts, rural settings and in the clinic.

Danni has received additional training in short courses and professional consultation in the areas of:

  • Social skills groups including school readiness groups
  • Smooth Speech - Speech Restructuring Program, University of Newcastle
  • Play Skills assessment and therapy
  • Phonological Awareness and early literacy
  • Dialogic reading – Increasing language skills through books

Professional Interests
Danni has a passion for helping people to develop communication skills through fun and engaging therapy. Danni’s happy and welcoming demeanour and childlike wonder means she loves engaging children in a creative way. With Danni, whole worlds come alive through play, and no therapy task is the same. Danni looks at the world differently, it is infectious and will rub off on your children!

Creative Skills
Danni is a dance teacher, singer and drama teacher and has taught mainstream classes and classes for people with disabilities in all these areas. Danni has taught dance to people with disabilities for over 5 years and is Lead Instructor at Perform-Ability. Over the last couple of years Danni has started teaching drama and singing at Perform-Ability, and she uses this experience to incorporate the performing arts into Speech Therapy tasks at Inspire Ability.

Danni supervises other instructors in teaching people with disabilities and lectures on Effective Communication for teaching people with Disabilities in the Performing Arts sector. Danni is also a lyricist for DanceBop, an inclusive kids dance group. DanceBop provides educational and entertaining songs in an inclusive way including sign language and seated dances. Danni writes songs specifically targeting social skills such as asking for help or how to say hi to friends.

Before becoming a Speech Pathologist, Danni was the Principal of the Central Coast chapter of Helen O’Grady Drama, and taught drama to kids of all ages across the Central Coast. Danni has a history of teaching Latin dance to adults and has taught in the Central Coast and Sydney in Salsa, Bachata and Reggaeton. Before all of this, Danni was an Entertainment Journalist, and her love of writing, music, movies and TV remains alive to this day. Danni is a music lover and plays the guitar and enjoys song writing to express herself.  

Danni’s special interest area as a Speech Pathologist is how music, drama and dance can be used to promote therapy goals. Her Honors research project evaluated the evidence in this area including using music to reduce anxiety and promote attention and learning in her clients and applying drama techniques to role play social situations and address emotional problem solving. Danni’s creative streak has been the link throughout her work, and she is very excited to be able to use her creative skills to help her clients every day. Come step into Danni’s world of wonder where trying is fun and being yourself is everything.