Rebecca Warn

Speech Therapist

"It is amazing to see the enjoyment that my clients have when they get to share their interests with me. I love that we can do anything from singing their favourite songs to exploring emotions through karate."

Qualifications and Experience
Rebecca graduated from the University of Newcastle with a Bachelor of Speech Pathology (Honours) in 2014. Bec has worked with children and adults helping them to develop a range of communication and social skills. She has experience working in a range of settings including visiting schools and preschools, seeing children in their homes, and providing a welcoming and fun environment in the clinic.

Rebecca has completed a range of professional development courses including:

  • HANEN Early Language Program
  • Rock and Water Program
  • DIR - Floortime
  • Audiometry – Ear Health and Hearing Assessment

Rebecca has received additional training in the areas of:

  • Key Word Sign
  • Social Skills Development
  • Food and Feeding
  • Attachment Theory
  • Literacy
  • The Zones of Regulation

Professional Interests
Rebecca has a passion for helping people to develop functional communication skills through exploration of their interests. She loves engaging children in play-based therapy approaches and providing parents with information and training. Rebecca has a keen interest in how the body, mind, and emotions connect and helping others to recognise and understand how this is impacting upon them. She also loves exploring food with families in a fun and creative way.

Creative Skills
Rebecca loves incorporating movement into sessions to develop skills in self-control, body awareness and self-defence. She is experienced in martial arts and yoga. She gained her black belt in Shotokan karate in 2008 and her Chito-Kai senior-instructor grade in 2020. She has extensive experience teaching karate to individuals with a range of skill levels from ages 3 to adult.

Rebecca has been involved in creative exploration since she was a child, doing Speech and Drama and learning to play the piano and flute. She often used to put on ‘shows’ with her family, singing and performing. Rebecca completed her certificate in Drama and Performing Arts in 2007 alongside completing her HSC in Drama. She often sings in her sessions, including making up new verses to well known nursery rhymes or changing the lyrics to fit the activity. She is learning the Ukulele to accompany her singing. Rebecca loves to draw and paint in her free time. She is learning how to water-colour and has many bright coloured acrylic painted canvases decorating her walls at home.

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