Nick Knight

Occupational Therapist 
"My aim is to see happy children and if I can contribute toward that, then I am happy too!"

Qualifications and Experience 

Nick graduated from Western Sydney University with a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy and started his Occupational Therapy career working in Occ-Rehab assisting people who had experienced a workplace accident. This has given Nick amazing assessment and report writing skills and helped develop his capacity to develop rapport with people quickly and understand how their challenges are impacting their everyday life. Nick always knew his passion was working with kids and was drawn to Inspire Ability by their warm and happy team and knew he needed to be a part of it. Nick has undergone and intensive training program including:

  • Testing and Integrating Primitive Reflexes
  • Understanding and Managing Sensory Processing Disorders
  • Handwriting Remediation and Support
  • Assessment and Reporting Protocols in Paediatric Occupational Therapy
  • Understanding and Supporting Emotions and Behaviour

Professional Interests 

Nick finds great joy connecting with children on any topic and will happily sit and discuss Minecraft while practicing fine motor skills. Nick says his talent is being every kid’s best friend and can always find a way to connect with someone. Nick has a keen interest in Primitive Reflexes. He also loves the process of discovering a child's unique and fascinating sensory profile, enabling him to create an environment they can flourish in. Nick loves to collaborate with the whole team around the child including their parents, carers, educators and therapy team so that everyone is working together.

Creative Skills 

Nick loves to exercise and you’ll often find him at the gym. He is skilled at many sports (soccer and rugby league are just two of his favourites) and, like many of the children who attend our service, enjoys a video game or two when he is relaxing with friends. Nick finds it easy to find a topic of mutual interest with his clients as he enjoys so many things. Nick is currently learning how to play the piano and looks forward to using this new skill in his sessions!


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