Nathan Robinson

Speech Pathology Assistant

"I find it so rewarding to simplify a child’s life. Whether that be helping them process the information that surrounds them or helping them to express their thoughts and emotions. All children deserve to feel happy and free. I have so much to learn from them and I cannot wait for the journey ahead!"

Qualifications and Experience 

Nathan is currently studying Speech Pathology at the University of Newcastle. During this time, he has experienced two intensive clinical placements involving both paediatric and adult caseloads. Nathan often participates in volunteer work, most recently with Cerebral Palsy Australia (CPA) by taking care of children during their fundraiser. The event raised over 1.4 million dollars for their First 1000 Days program – an initiative that will literally change the lives of so many babies.

Nathan has been keenly observing and assisting our Speech and Occupational therapists. He has undertaken Zones of Regulation training and carried out speech and language screeners in the school setting.

Professional Interests 

Nathan has a passion for incorporating movement into therapy. His plans after graduating are to help children become more confident by helping them express themselves to the very best of their ability. Nathan loves school-based therapy and helping children operate independently and successfully in the school environment.

Creative Skills 

Nathan has a background in music where he enjoys the process of creative writing and expressing himself through music. Nathan also plays soccer on the weekends and loves cricket and rugby league. GO THE SHARKIES!


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