Matthew Allanson

 Administration Manager
"Seeing kids thrive and reach their goals every day is so special. I love being a part of it."

Qualifications and Experience
Matt made the transition from hospitality to administration several years ago and is loving it! The skills he learned as the head chef in several busy restaurants mean he has great attention to detail and is very organised and service oriented.

Matt holds a Diploma in Leadership and Management.

Professional Interests
Matt strives to provide the very best support to our team of therapists and every person who walks through the door. Matt knows every client and parent by name and is always striving to ensure everyone feels welcome and supported.

Creative Skills
Although Matt does not work directly with our clients, he holds many creative skills! Matt is an accomplished trombone player, having completed his 7th grade AMEB certificate in trombone. He can also play the french horn, trumpet and tuba. Name a brass instruments and Matt has played it.

He loves playing the bass guitar in the band at church and is a closet singer (with a great voice!).

Matt has a passion for fishing and will be up for a chat about what he caught on the weekend.

He is also passionate about food and LOVES to cook. He is always coming up with new and delicious meals. He finds the kitchen a great place to unwind and let his imagination run wild.


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