Cerenity Incze

Speech Therapist
“I love how a child’s face lights up when they succeed in a task that was difficult for them. I am so blessed that I get to play a role in helping children find their voice.”

Qualifications and Experience
Cerenity graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Speech and Hearing Sciences from the University of New Mexico, USA and a Masters of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders from Florida State University, USA. Cerenity has worked as a paediatric speech therapist for 13 years in the United States and the past 3 years in Australia. She has experience working in a variety of school settings and with young children in their homes and communities. She currently holds a certification with both the American Speech Language Hearing Association and Speech Pathology Australia.

Cerenity has completed a range of professional development courses including:

  • Lively Letters
  • Literacy Speaks
  • Kaufman Approach for Apraxia
  • Social Engagement and Steps to Being Social

Cerenity has also completed extensive courses in the areas of Autism Spectrum Disorders and Literacy.

Professional Interests
Cerenity is passionate about helping children meet their goals through fun and engaging activities.  She enjoys educating clients and families and working with them to incorporate skill practice into daily routines. Cerenity has a keen interest in working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and collaborating with other therapists, specialists, teachers, and parents to ensure support in all areas to promote engagement and learning. Cerenity also enjoys supporting early language development and literacy skills. She is currently focusing on gaining more knowledge in the areas of nutrition, mindfulness and mind-body medicine to further support her clients.

Creative Skills
Cerenity participated in numerous drama productions in high school and often incorporates elements of drama into her therapy sessions. She is an avid reader and books always seem to find their way into her therapy sessions. Cerenity began twisting balloons when she was 9 and she continues to try out new balloon creations. Cerenity considers learning to be a hobby and loves to learn new skills such as cooking, crocheting, or kayaking. By following her client’s lead, she strives to foster the love of learning through creative play, games, making crafts, and writing scripts and stories.  

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