Angela Ireland

Senior Paediatric Occupational Therapist and OT Team Leader
“It’s so exciting to see children’s faces light up when they achieve something they’ve never tried before!! 

Qualifications and Experience 
Angela graduated from the University of Newcastle with a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy. Angela has been supporting children, adolescents and their families and carers for 12 years across varied paediatric environments. 

Angela has completed the following professional courses: 

  • Building New Pathways – Supporting Children and Adolescents with Developmental Trauma
  • RAMSR – Rhythm and Movement for Self-Regulation
  • ADHD and Demand Avoidance seminar
  • Brain and Sensory Foundations
  • Move, Play, Thrive integrated approach to reflexes
  • Zones of Regulation Program 
  • Strategies and Support for Dysgraphia 
  • Strategies and Support for Handwriting  
  • Sensory Processing Disorder course

Angela loves to share her knowledge and has done this by delivering workshops on fine-motor development to parents and professionals, as well as providing training and recommendations to support workers on how they can best support their clients.

Professional Interests 

Angela is passionate about foundational reflex integration and rhythmical movements and how focused intervention can support children across areas including emotional regulation, attention and concentration, sensitivities, anxiety, handwriting challenges and much more.

Creative Skills 

Angela loves using the piano as a tool during her sessions. The piano cultivates wonder and expression for her clients, whilst allowing her to identify underlying support needs such as fine-motor skill development, posture, perseverance, attention and concentration. 

Angela's experience and passion for singing allows her to understand the benefits and it brings, such as facing new challenges, building confidence and expressing emotions. Before sharing these skills with her clients, Angela performed in choirs, vocal and choral groups and in a number of duos, gigging throughout high school and university.

In addition to piano and singing, Angela has a flair for ventures such as yoga and mindfulness, role-play and dance, all of which are immensely therapeutic in a variety of ways.


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