Stocking stuffers for sensory sensitive kids

Christmas morning is a magical time but our little ones can often get overstimulated by the excitement of presents, sugary foods, people and music. Hit two birds with one stone this Christmas and stuff your kids' stockings with presents they will not only LOVE but will assist their emotional and sensory regulation over the festive season.


Fidgets are great for young children who experience nervousness, anxiety or just have fidgety fingers. These products can help over-stimulated children focus on their breathing and find grounding through touch. They can be used at any time during the day, at home or in the classroom, whenever your child needs help to overcome sensory challenges due to Autism Spectrum Disorder or Sensory Processing Disorder. 


Stress Balls

These super squishy, stress balls relieve anxiety, and tension just by simply squeezing and stretching and are a great way to avoid fidgeting, skin and nail picking, and finger cracking. A great calming tool for kids and teens with autism, ADD, and ADHD. Play and have fun squeezing stress away for hours


Board Games

These Board Games will help your child develop and learn new social skills and behaviours simply by playing, laughing and having fun with friends and family. Each set uses different gameplays such as action games and sentence building games that will keep children entertained while learning about the topics of Empathy, Friendship, Manners and Emotions.


Arts and Crafts

Keep the kids occupied with these arts and crafts activities designed to keep sensory sensitive kids entertained and engaged. Get creative through tactile stimulation with our rainbow paper masks. Design your own room decor with our DIY Sand Art Kit. Build your own Calm Down Bottle or keep your budding engineer entertained as they create aerodynamic paper planes. 


Nostalgic Games

These games are fun for the whole family and guaranteed to bring those childhood throwback feels. Experience the magic of touch-a-bubbles, challenge your child's focus and planning skills through our wooden tumbling tower, get nostalgic with Pick Up Sticks or have a Rubik's cube race!


Musical Instruments

Start a family band or get back at your siblings with musical instruments for their kids. Musical toys give children an opportunity to express their emotions and can help regulate sensory processing through the expenditure of pent-up energy. Music also stimulates neural pathways, promoting critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The musical patterns and rhythms created with these instruments help the brain to become more efficient at transmitting information, all while developing fine and gross motor skills. Create a song, sing along and most importantly, have fun!



Silicone chewable toys offer a non-toxic alternative to chewing on pencils, clothing and skin, making them perfect for children with sensory processing difficulties. The fun designs of our chewies mean you kids will LOVE their new gift without even realising your hidden agenda!



At Inspire Ability we LOVE Christmas and we hope our unique range of toys, fidgets, chewies and games can bring a little magic into your morning. To explore our full range of products and tools for sensory sensitive kids visit  

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