Why we love singing in speech therapy

At Inspire Ability we LOVE to sing! When you walk into our centre, you'll often hear our talented team singing in their office or incorporating music into our speech and occupational therapy sessions. Not only is singing a whole lot of fun, but it also has a huge range of benefits for our clients.

What are some of the benefits of singing?

  • It helps kids explore how they are thinking and what they are feeling about things through lyrics and tone.
  • It helps kids learn to understand how others are feeling, what they are thinking and why.
  • It helps build confidence and teaches kids to find their voice
  • It helps kids practice when and how to be loud and soft.
  • It promotes deep breathing and clear pronunciation of words

How do we incorporate singing into our sessions?

Singing is fundamentally a language task designed to help clients who are delayed in their vocabulary, expression and understanding of the world. These tasks help the client practice maintaining attention, using their memory and most importantly, their creative skills

  • We teach kids about writing lyrics by exploring songs they already know and composing new tunes together. This helps with language development and expressing emotions
  • We teach kids songs that focus on daily activities such as getting ready for school or showering. Singing is easier to remember than talking so learning these songs helps our clients recall the steps in a task. 
  • We examine character profiles from broadway and movie songs to explore how others are thinking and feeling. E.g. How did Elsa feel when she sings Let it go?
  • We use vocal warm ups to promote deep breathing. This helps kids find their voice and learn how to articulate sounds.
  • We practice performing songs in front of family and our team of therapists, helping kids build their confidence and self-esteem.

We LOVE singing and from our experience, so do our clients! To find out more about how we incorporate creative activities, like singing, into our sessions, visit


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  • Do you know of someone who uses singing in speech pathology in or near Caulfield South?

    Julie Brin Nadler

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