Let’s talk about Downs Syndrome

March 21st is World Down Syndrome Day, so we thought this is the perfect opportunity to dig a little deeper into what this is and how we can advocate for inclusion.

Down syndrome (or Trisomy 21) is a naturally occurring chromosomal arrangement that occurs regardless of race, gender or social conditions. It occurs when a child has an extra copy of their 21st chromosome, causing physical and mental developmental delays and disabilities. Approximately 1 in 1100 Australians have Downs Syndrome and each person’s physical, behavioural, intellectual and emotional indicators are unique. So, who better to talk about Downs Syndrome than people living with the condition!


A person with Downs syndrome may have difficulties with -

  • Learning and processing information
  • Communicating, reading or writing
  • Daily living tasks, including self-care
  • Independent living and managing personal affairs
  • Social skills, self-expression and self-direction
  • Managing impulsivity
  • Vision and hearing
  • Bodily movements and physical health

However, thanks to medical advances, advocacy and increased community support, people with Down Syndrome can live healthy and fulfilling lives. They can participate in the workforce and become thriving members of the community through inclusion. We LOVE this Ted Talk on why inclusion matters and works!

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