Rachael Sebastian

Occupational Therapist
"I have always said growing up I wanted to be a ‘singing doctor’. At Inspire Ability I am able to achieve that dream by combining my love for music and all things creative with holistically helping children achieve positive health outcomes”

Qualifications and Experience
Rachael graduated from the University of Newcastle with a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Honours) and was placed on the College Commendation List from 2019-2021 for outstanding achievement. Rachael has experienced a range of clinical placements in paediatrics and mental health and volunteered at Camp Jabiru which is an intensive camp for children with a focus on sensory approaches. Additionally, whilst studying, Rachael worked as a therapy assistant where she assisted children with varying abilities and conditions to gain confidence and differing skills to enhance their independence.

Rachael has completed the following courses:

  • An introduction to Sensory-based approaches in Mental Health
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Understanding Module
  • Introduction to PANS/PANDAS


Professional Interests
Rachael has a keen interest in the role of sensory systems when regulating emotions and enjoys applying each child’s unique strengths and interests in therapy to increase positive outcomes.

Rachael also has an interest in children and adolescent mental health as well as developing understanding of the mind-body connection. 

Creative Skills
Rachael has over 5 years of experience teaching music in particular piano and singing to children aged 3 and above. She has performed with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra in the Sydney Opera House and has toured with different choirs which helped her to learn confidence. She has a passion for creating music and using it as a tool for therapy. She is currently learning how to play the guitar and is always looking for ways to develop her skills further.

Rachael also has experience in dance in particular hip hop, commercial and Bollywood styles. She appreciates the power dance has in expression of emotions as well as strengthening the mind-body connection. She continues to develop her dance skills by performing with dance groups such as the University of Newcastle Dance Crew.

Rachael has had previous gymnastics experience and currently participates in figure skating whereby the foundational skills can be used with children to assist with developing gross motor skills and engagement.

Rachael is a creative person with a passion for utilising these skills in therapy as a means for engagement and skill building across a range of areas such as social skills, executive functioning, regulation, motor skills and more!

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